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The Dutcher family is very close to my heart so I am beyond excited to share sweet  baby Magnolia’s in home newborn session. The Dutchers have a beautiful family story of life and hope. The Lord has carried them through some beautiful life journeys starting with their first child, Charlotte (love that silly girl), and her adoption story and brought them to their second gift through embryo adoption, Magnolia Claire.

Magnolia Claire, 
Never did I dream I’d be holding my second baby and another girl! I thought surely God would give this make up, hairspray lovin mama all boys. Like your sister you were desperately longed for. In you I gained another gift not any more special, but one I will treasure forever. Through you God allowed me to experience the joy of pregnancy. I say joy only because I have your sweet face to look at now. I honestly thought some days you were slowly killing me. Pregnancy with you was rough! But in it all God showed me yet again that no journey is ever easy or painless, even one that will bring immeasurable happiness. Each day I would thank him for your little life growing inside me and pray for the strength to make it through. Watching you grow, feeling you move are moments I won’t ever forget.
Bringing you into this world was the most surreal, beautiful, painful, out of body experience I could have ever imagined. Life, God created life. From a tiny frozen embryo to a living breathing fresh new babe. What a miracle. Your life is a gift. Like your sister we will never share the same eyes or nose. We won’t know who’s smirk you have or where you get your long eyelashes. But what we will share is what matters. I am your mother and you are my daughter. You will know the best truest love there is to know I promise you this. I can’t wait to watch you grow and see all that God has in store for you. I pray you and Charlotte become the best of friends… I know this may come many years down the road. Trust me I’m speaking from experience! I’m grateful you have each other and I’m excited to see your special bond.  
I feel so much thankfulness when I look at my two sweet girls. It makes all the days of waiting more than worth it. I am blessed to be your mother. Your dad and I have will always share your stories with pride and joy. We hope in it all, you see God’s faithfulness, his sovereignty over your life and that you will come to know of His great love for you. 
Loving you always,


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