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I was lucky enough to be a part of the Dekker Family for a morning and it was full of laughs, farm animals, yummy pancakes, gardens, tractors, and triplets….. that happen to be toddlers. Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? We started the morning off with a breakfast that included three toddlers all putting in a helping hand to make it happen. From there we went on their daily adventure doing their chores and visiting the neighbors farm next store. “The farmers [Brenda and Denis] across the street are blessings to us as they allow us to come and hang whenever we want…teaching us and taking time with the kids. Brenda let me be part of sheep birthing (lambing this winter) and it was incredible. Jameson looks at ¨Farmer Denis¨ like he´s his hero….so sweet.”  We also visited Janine’s garden where she grows all of her fresh veggies as the Farmer’s Wife CSA. Last stop before nap time was to visit Dad at one of his farms. The kids even got to ride in the Tractor. How lucky are they?

A little about the family:

Janine (mom) of three beautiful blonde haired children and the face of Farmer’s wife CSA

Jordan (Dad) and first generation farmer/greenhouse owner

Annabelle: firecracker, little worker, and a bit silly

Jameson: quiet and observant

Deacon: hilarious and sensitive

Janine was kind enough to share some of their story with me. “I’m a pretty open book about life. I feel that God gives us stories to tell and share…” Jordan and Janine met at Michigan State as they were both studying agriculture. After college, they got great jobs right out of college and got married. Then they both decided to pursue different careers and Jordan and his twin brother became farmers and greenhouse owners and Janine went back to school to be a high school biology teacher. The next part of their life included three and a half years of infertility. “Jordan and I are actually THANKFUL for our 3 1/2 years of infertility. We learned SO MUCH about each other and other people, how to talk to one another, compassion for others, how to push through the hard times. We feel that God was preparing us for an insane journey ahead with triplets. We don´t sweat the ¨small stuff¨ and definitely don´t expect perfection in anything that we do. God has blessed us in so many ways through it all…not to mention 3 incredible kids.”

After the kids were born they bought their current home: a farm house built in 1899 that they completely remodeled. Something that I really loved about their home is that they used some of the original wooden doors and pantry doors as decorations and desks throughout the house. Check out how cute they have decorated the house in the pictures below! Totally taking decorating advice from Janine in the near future.

What is your favorite activity to do with the kids? 

Janine: “EXPERIENCE LIFE. We are outside A LOT. We are definitely homebodies…so when we can, we are home…just working around the house, playing in the yard. Visiting the neighbors at the farm is almost a daily adventure; whether it be watching them milk in the parlor or bottle feeding the baby calves or sheep. We also love going on bike rides to the park, getting ice cream, farmers markets…ANYTHING OUTSIDE.”

 What is your favorite Part of the Day? 

Janine: “Morning snuggles with the kids…and just after nap. I usually get good one on one time at these moment because they don´t all wake up at the same time. Deacon takes short naps in the afternoon so usually he and I bake or get dinner ready together while the other two sleep.”

A couple things they have learned about infertility along the way: 

“MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN 🙂 Not just in the baby department…we saw so many miracles along the way.”

 “DON’T LOSE HOPE…….Even in the darkest days. Every negative outcome is not a ¨NO¨ its…¨Not right now¨….or maybe ¨not this way.¨”

Life Mottos of the Dekker family: 

¨Don´t sweat the small stuff”  and ¨Comparison is the Thief of Joy¨

“Life is different for everyone….we have to live in the now….not thinking of what we wish we had …or what we hope we get….enjoy every moment as the days are long but the years are short!”


July 12, 2016


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