Downtown Grand Rapids Engagement | Cailly + Tyler Engaged!

This downtown Grand Rapids engagement session is full of smiles. Cailly and Tyler are a joy to be around. Their happiness is contagious. I found myself smiling as I looked back at these images. We started at Madcap coffee downtown and then hit up the fun colorful murals on Division and ended by the river downtown (in their super fancy outfits I might add). A little back story on the comic books from the Madcap section from Cailly.

“…Tyler has completed 3 Ironman races and Ironman has long been his favorite superhero…. I picked Buffy because the old TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is my absolute favorite and I introduced Tyler to it. Buffy is strong and independent and saves the world! I love that!”

“One of the sweetest things Tyler has ever told me is that he always loved how enthusiastic I am about the things I like, even if they are things not traditionally looked on as cool.”

That’s how I already know that I love Tyler + Cailly together and I’ve only met them once; they are real people and their love is uniquely theirs. Tyler + Cailly were meant to cross paths and now in only two short months they will be getting married at MillCreek Barn! Counting down the days!



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