Downtown Grand Rapids Engagement | Brenna and Cody

This downtown Grand Rapids engagement is guaranteed to make you smile. It may have been 7 degrees out but Brenna and Cody are just so dang adorable you can’t even tell that it was actually freezing.

Brenna is an amazing lash and brow artist right here in Grand Rapids (seriously check her out.. also explains why her brows and lashes are killing it in these photos) and Cody is a beatboxing youtube star (yes.. really!). You may have seen him on the world wide web as a nerd or a grandpa. If you haven’t make sure and go look now because you are missing out.

This all brings us to how they met. Cody is from Colorado and Brenna is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Last year on Christmas Eve, one of Brenna’s family members showed her one of Cody’s youtube videos and that day she sent him a DM on Instagram. With him having so many followers (and it being Christmas Eve) she wasn’t sure if she would hear back from him and sure enough they started talking, face-timing, and soon enough Cody was flying out to Michigan to take Brenna on their first date. They hit it off right away and after a few visits to Michigan and Colorado, Cody decided to make the move to Michigan and here they are getting married in September at the Cheney Place! Is that not the cutest story you have ever heard?! When we met up for coffee to talk about wedding photography they told me their story. If you know Cody and Brenna or if you see them out in GR you should make them tell their story because seeing them talk about each other is pretty much relationship goals. Brenna is an old friend from high school and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see her this happy. They are truly a match made in…. (on) Instagram. 🙂

We ended the session at one of Cody and Brenna’s favorite spots: Buffalo Traders Lounge. It was warm and swanky and the perfect place to document Cody and Brenna’s love. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly suggest it! They have incredible cocktails and when you walk inside you instantly feel awesome.

I hope you all enjoy Brenna and Cody’s engagement preview as much as I do!



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