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I came to Sheri + Marty’s farm on a very bittersweet day. Marty’s dad started the dairy farm and since then Marty has worked on the farm, but it came the time for them to switch gears and they decided to sell their dairy cows. The day of the session was the day before Marty + Sheri’s big sale. So for a gift, their kids bought them a photo session on the farm and I think it was the most thoughtful gift they could have received. I know Marty and Sheri are so very thankful for these memories and I feel so honored that I was able to document it. Sheri actually reached out to me to tell me that tears were shed while looking through the photos and that makes my heart happy knowing that they will forever cherish these images and this time in their lives. You can just see how much they love their animals in these photos.

Here’s to the next thing for Sheri + Marty! 


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