Holland Michigan Engagement | Jen + Evan

Jen and Evan are like a fairytale (okay maybe I am being a little extreme but I think they are that adorable). I knew that me and Jen and Evan were going to be a great fit when I started talking to Jen right when she got engaged, even before she had her venue picked. From first speaking with Jen, I was beyond excited to work with these two and they ended up being even sweeter than I expected when I finally got to meet them.

When they came to the lakeshore, I was excited to take them to some of my favorite spots in the cute town of Holland. Jen and Evan were a breeze to photograph because they did exactly what I want my couples to do: be themselves and just have fun.

Even though you can’t tell, this day was 90+ degrees. One of my favorite parts of the session is when Evan and Jen decided to have a little splash session in lake Michigan, which ended in a tackle and a full on swim. It made my day, and the photos from it are adorable!

Can’t wait until these two’s wedding day!



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