The Blue Dress Barn Wedding | Katie + Josh

One positive about quarantine is having the time to blog weddings from last year that I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time.

First up, Katie and Josh’s wedding at the always amazing: Blue Dress Barn. I felt super connected to this wedding because of the joy that literally every person at the wedding had for Katie and Josh and because of the kindness that Katie and Josh showed us during their big day AND the kindness they showed to everyone of their guests. You guys; these are just good people; it’s fun to be around good people.

Katie and Josh live in New Zealand but Katie is originally from Michigan. They decided to have their bash at The Blue Dress Barn back in the States, which meant half of their guests literally traveled from the other side of the world to be there with them. See I told you their people loved them! And Katie and Josh made sure that their guests had the best time. It was so fun to see how they incorporated American traditions as well as New Zealand traditions: from the necklaces that Josh handmade out of a New Zealand stone for all of his groomsmen and the officiant, to the very special beer that they had brewed just for the special day with NZ hops and Indiana corn, to the s’mores station with Hershey Chocolate and NZ Chocolate (also just a fun fact: s’mores are not a thing in NZ so they were super excited to share the secret with all of their NZ friends), to their hashtag #hoosierheartskiwi (I quickly learned that people from NZ refer to themselves and their NZ friends as kiwis), the sand from a Michigan beach and a NZ beach that they used for their sand ceremony, and the NZ blessing that was given at the reception over the couple. I TOLD YOU it was a special day.

I could go on and on, but I hope you are able to feel all of the love, warmth, and excitement from this rainy wedding day; that was perfect just the way it was!

Venue: The Blue Dress Barn

DJ: Bee Entertainment 

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